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Ohne Titel 2

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Written by Craig

October 10th, 2007 at 2:58 pm

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  1. Er … I will shoot you?


    Oh I get it.



    10 Oct 07 at 16:52

  2. But, I can see her titels so the name makes no sense.

    Baby Spice

    10 Oct 07 at 17:29

  3. Oh fuck it: I’ll shoot you, too. Man, I hate Internet trends.



    10 Oct 07 at 20:29

  4. no title?
    i dont get it!
    its freaken me out actually….


    11 Oct 07 at 00:14

  5. I’m freaked out that folks shoot me.

    No need to be freaked, Anonymous, they’re just doodles, thus they have no title.


    11 Oct 07 at 00:22

  6. Mummy I’m fwightened


    11 Oct 07 at 17:04

  7. Why is everyone being so weird about these pics? What’s the problem?


    11 Oct 07 at 21:53

  8. maybe it was the comments that went with them…did someone REALLY say that they would shoot you?
    if so whoever wrote that your not very nice and craig is so piss off!

    I just got your new book the other day and laughed alot. I thought the very end bit where you talk about enjoying life right now was very good.


    12 Oct 07 at 21:27

  9. Anonymous: Thanks for buying the book. I appreciate it, and I’m glad you like it.


    13 Oct 07 at 01:22

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