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48 hours

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I’d imagined that my last week in Berlin would bring forth plenty of stuff to blog about. While it’s true that it’s been a big, eventful week so far, I find myself – just 48 hours away from being on an aeroplane – with nothing to say. I can’t think of anything.

It’s the home stretch now. Everything is painted, every room is virtually empty, and everything that I need is in a suitcase. The only things left to do involve a mop and a duster. None of that matters, though.

Last night it hit me quite hard that I’m leaving Billy behind. And it was something ridiculous that triggered it. We were walking around the neighbourhood while my clothes were in a machine at the launderette, and when we walked past the exit of a supermarket’s underground car park, BIlly pulled in that direction. I pulled him back and said, “Billy, nein, das ist die ausfahrt.” And that was it. The stiff upper lip melted, and it’s stayed pretty wobbly ever since then. A couple of days ago I said I had no idea what it would be like saying goodbye to him, but I know now. It’s going to be horrible. Really really horrible.

Written by Craig

November 29th, 2007 at 2:31 pm

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  1. I wish I could give you a big hug and tell you every thing is going to be ok.
    Take care of your self and remember that you will be seeing Billy again soon.



    29 Nov 07 at 17:30

  2. Same thing from your Brooklyn posse. I think Billy is secretly proud of you for making the decision to inject some serious adventure into your life. He’ll still go apeshit for you even after you haven’t seen him for a long, long time. Just like all of your good friends do.


    29 Nov 07 at 23:57

  3. A heartfelt pad on the shoulder from he who brought you the van that made you feel that little more manly recently…..

    The van sends you it,s regards too , it feel sorry that you won’t be in berlin when it returns on december 12th

  4. You’ve probably lived in Berlin too long – otherwise, saying ‘ausfahrt’ would have cheered you up.

    Excuse me if I’m being slow, but why can’t you take Billy? I thought animals just had to spend 28 days in quarantine. If that pillock Mourinho can take his dog, why can’t an artistic genius like yourself?


    30 Nov 07 at 13:51

  5. A big best wishes from myself and Andy and hope to see you next week. If you need to let off steam and find leaving Billy all to much, drop me a mail – I sympathise enormously.

    Ian Mac

    30 Nov 07 at 15:07

  6. Billy is also and always willkommen.

    The Holland Tunnel Gypsy

    4 Dec 07 at 08:40

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