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You read the rumours, an “insider” or agent makes a comment, the media discusses what it might mean for your team’s fortunes, and then, finally, it happens: your team signs the new player! Woo and hoo.

As soon as possible, there’s a press conference. The chairman and manager/coach are delighted to have strengthened their squad with the signing of this player. The player is delighted to be playing for his new team and will be giving it 110%, and that he’s here to win trophies. Woo and hoo.

On the whole, these things are fairly run of the mill. It doesn’t really matter who the team is; it’s always the same deal.

Then come the photos. The traditional English football team photo is like this:

In an empty stadium we see the smiling manager holding one end of a scarf; the smiling player, wearing his new team’s shirt, holding the other end. Textbook tabloid fodder.

Since getting into baseball, though, I’ve noticed a totally different way of doing things. Look:

It’s quite stunningly silly: wearing the team shirt over the suit and tie the player is already wearing. Without fail, it looks stupid. Makes me chuckle every time I see it.

In an era where everything is so well organised to get the best possible media coverage, how did this become a standard way of announcing a new player? I get the idea of having the player there, and – rather like a reverse unveiling of a plaque – they want to give him his new uniform to put on in front of the cameras, but surely it’d make more sense for him to nip off the stage for 20 seconds and come back looking less of a dork.

Anyway, here’s Ohne Titel 13. No offence, Orioles fans (that’ll be just you then, Derick), I picked a team at random.

Written by Craig

November 2nd, 2007 at 9:45 pm

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  1. Dude, please. To Americans, those wooly, anachronistic scarves look, well, gay. I mean please, did your grandma tell you to put that on so you don’t catch cold. I mean a scarf?

    The uniform over the suit, on the other hand, looks like the dudes just came out of 36 hours of hard-core negotiations where everyone was holding out for 10 million extra just for putting on their jockey shorts every morning. I mean, those dudes had suits on and were talkin’!

    Then, because everyone was so happy and in agreement over the contract, they just called the press right away instead of waiting for it to be all staged and organized. They weren’t no time for anyone to go home and get a scarf.

    Also: I’m drunk.

    The Big A

    3 Nov 07 at 01:01

  2. Scarves are ace. A fine example of why that is so.


    3 Nov 07 at 12:34

  3. Hey Craig – this has nothing to do with scarves or jerseys or whatever, but I just had to say.

    Yesterday morning I too was ‘sadly myopic’ but had my eyes lasered in the afternoon and now, today, have been confirmed 20/20. Definitely worth considering.


    3 Nov 07 at 21:32

  4. yeah, i agree with andrew… also, kind of wouldn’t work (scarves are too warm for the summertime)… although, i do wish we had nice slogans for our baseball teams like “you’ll never walk alone”… sweet!


    5 Nov 07 at 04:42

  5. Craig,
    Saw something that I thought would interest you..
    How ’bout that slurve ball?!



    14 Nov 07 at 16:54

  6. Indeed, they are lovely graphics.


    14 Nov 07 at 17:27

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