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Written by Craig

November 20th, 2007 at 12:15 pm

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  1. So you DID continue to read FFFFound after I sent that link!

    Anyway, I was thinking the same thing. At first, I thought it was one source but now I see it’s spreading … as if it’s an internet trend or something lol.

    the other poster display trend I have noticed is to have it weighted down with bulldog clips. I understand that ‘pack shot’ photography often gives better results in a portfolio context that simple digital output, but this method is getting tedious.


    20 Nov 07 at 13:04

  2. Also, as you have been FFFFound before, there is a good change that this image will makes its way there soon … let’s hope.


    20 Nov 07 at 13:09

  3. oooh, you’re so dry.

    and yes.


    20 Nov 07 at 14:12

  4. ha! so true


    21 Nov 07 at 23:09

  5. it’s not always like that; sometimes a poster holds up a dude. I’m just sayin’.

    FI$H 2000

    21 Nov 07 at 23:12

  6. Cool this one is not for “flying for fun”.


    22 Nov 07 at 00:30

  7. I’m in total agreement. It is something I’ve had a B in my bonnet about for a while.
    You might find this interesting

    craig oldham©

    22 Nov 07 at 20:28

  8. It’s obviously a Craig thing…


    24 Nov 07 at 11:59

  9. lots of them like to have a full body shot, so they can show off their trendy colorful sneakers..

    brazilian yoda with sneakers

    31 Dec 07 at 09:55

  10. Ha Ha Great
    I was was already getting iritated by seeing the top of the photo . Not again hands. And also Handwriting. No-design in its purest form. But then i read it great. ha ha


    19 Jan 08 at 12:25

  11. Well, most designers are followers and everyone is a voyeur, hence, the trend.


    20 Jan 08 at 02:20

  12. i think it’s endearing to hold up your work and sort of hiding/standing behind it, proudly showing it off. being the mastermind of the poster, yes you also do figuratively speaking stand behind it.

    though environment can sometimes get distracting, i think it’s more often than not add to the whole picture/presentation. it contributes to how the designer wants the presentation to feel/look like. also gives a bit of an overview to what the designer is like, and i think that’s very cool of them to share.


    23 Jan 08 at 09:10

  13. yes! you are so right!
    I was talking about the same thing last week, which annoys me so, and than I see your comment.
    – thank you for sharing my thoughts –


    23 Jan 08 at 12:25

  14. lol
    finally the question has been asked…
    making this pict my desktop for sure!


    29 Feb 08 at 16:45

  15. I am not sure what this person's gripe is about. I have seen (and used) that way to display posters mainly because it gives the viewer a sense of scale. I would be interested as to way this pisses him off besides the fact he is probably jealous that he can only print 8.5 x 11 printouts from his laptop. Out of all the design "trends" to call out, this is pretty weak.


    9 Sep 09 at 15:39

  16. haha…bitter truth..=P


    10 Sep 09 at 03:51

  17. Artur Félix da Cruz

    20 Sep 09 at 14:56

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