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Down to Brighton

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I had a nice day in Brighton yesterday, visiting a couple of mates and staying with James, an old friend from Lincoln and, incidentally, the man who thought of the name Minipops for the small pixelly dudes I’d begun drawing in the late nineties.

I went down there around lunchtime, so had a nice couple of hours sitting on the beach and walking on the pier, then getting quite drunk in the evening and wandering around the Lanes amongst the seemingly endless parade of lads and lasses on Christmas dos. (I wonder what the etymology of the word “do” meaning “party” is?)

Show and tell time…:

I’m not a bird skeleton expert, but I think this is a seagull.

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December 14th, 2007 at 11:53 am

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  1. These photos are gorgeous. Wanna visit Brighton one day…

    Miss P.


    14 Dec 07 at 16:24

  2. Beautiful!


    14 Dec 07 at 18:57

  3. Maybe its like hairdo. Ladies get their hair “done” in a “do” for a party. You get all dressed up for these christmas parties, your “done” up.
    Also parties are/were called “big to-dos”, this is the party “to do.”
    So christmas do=primping yourself and being at the correct social gathering of the season.
    Just a random guess from someone who has much to much time on her hands.


    15 Dec 07 at 18:45

  4. What is that frame thing in the second picture?

    Forgive me if this is a question everyone who lives in the UK, or everyone who’s been to Brighton, knows the answer to. I don’t, and I haven’t.


    16 Dec 07 at 00:25

  5. Never mind, I suppose it’s this: http://www.arthurlloyd.co.uk/Brighton/WestPier.htm


    16 Dec 07 at 00:28

  6. Oh, those clouds… mmm… It’s like the angels are peeping down.


    21 Dec 07 at 14:53

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