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I wonder…

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I wonder if they celebrate Christmas in Heaven.
I wonder if Jesus goes ’round to God’s house for Christmas dinner.
I wonder if they have turkey or goose.
I wonder if Joseph is invited.
I wonder what sort of presents Jesus gets for God.
I wonder if Jesus really has to buy presents for his family and friends.
I wonder if they exchange presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning.
I wonder if they wear paper crowns at the dinner table.
I wonder if crackers have better toys and jokes in Heaven.
I wonder if Jesus calls it Memas.

Written by Craig

December 25th, 2007 at 7:39 pm

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  1. Hey! At least you have crackers…nothing like that in Argentina.

    Hope you had a good time and got many, many pressies!

    Besos! x


    25 Dec 07 at 23:35

  2. I wonder if God asks Jesus what he wants for Christmas and then when Jesus makes a fairly sensible suggestion gets a grilling from God about whether he really, really needs it and will he actually use it.


    26 Dec 07 at 00:34

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