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Well, I made it back home. Still not worked out how to connect my computer to my mum’s internet thingy yet, so any time I want to send emails or do this kinda stuff, I’ve been sat in a pub. Feels slightly weird to be blogging in a pub. I can try and kid myself that I’m some sort of modern day Hemingway or Kerouac or something, but it isn’t gonna convince me; I’m just a speccy dude with a MacBook Pro getting odd looks from the locals.

Coming home is always an odd experience. Every time I’m here, more and more things have changed, and it feels less and less like my hometown.

And, seemingly, you can’t have a conversation without people mentioning the “bloody” illegal immigrants. Sadly, my hometown now feels like I’m living in a real life copy of the Daily Mail.

But, no matter how much I sneer and chuckle at Lincoln, it’s still my hometown, and if you were to slag it off, we’d have a problem, pal.

In the next few days I’ll be taking some photographs to introduce you to the wonders of this tiny, nothing town in the middle of nowhere.

Gotta go now, cos there’s a bloke with unfortunate hair sat quite near me, and he’s finger-snapping along to Bon Jovi’s “Please Come Home For Christmas”…

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December 19th, 2007 at 5:19 pm

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  1. Ha! Sounds just like when I go home. You just keep blogging for us. We (or at least I) need your words of wisdom and humor now more than ever.


    19 Dec 07 at 17:50

  2. My home town is Boston, Lincs., and I always hear the same about the “bloody immigrants,” makes me sick, especially as everyone knows my FiancĂ©e is from an Indian family that (legally) immigrated in the 60s.

    It’s amazing how friendly they all are to her though, like she’s one of the good’ns??!


    21 Dec 07 at 12:16

  3. Hey! You will always be the coolest speccy dude there is. Remember that!
    But I know what you mean. Once you’re back in your home town it doesn’t matter how much you have achieved. You’re still the little girl/boy they once knew.

    Which make you hesitate to go back… *shrug*


    21 Dec 07 at 15:12

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