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Lincoln Cathedral

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Lincoln isn’t all punctuation-less graffiti; there’s a beautiful cathedral too.

Part of the loveliness of Lincoln Cathedral is that it is on top of a hill. They built it there because God likes people to work up a bit of a sweat. This part of the country is very flat, so as you approach the city, it’s great to see the cathedral just sat there above everything else; especially at night when it’s illuminated. You’ll see in this photograph that it’s not night-time, and it’s a bit foggy, therefore the photograph is not as impressive as it could’ve been.

Here’s the West Front. It’s the part of the cathedral that’s at the front of the west side.

Here’s some roofy bits.

Some sort of column holding up the roof so that God’s children don’t get wet when it is raining.

This is the Bishop’s Eye. It’s not really the eye of a bishop, it’s actually a load of stained glass.

More stained glass. A bit half-hearted compared to the Bishop’s Eye, but quite nice all the same.

A jolly little carved fella. The place is full of these chaps. All different, too.

A nice high bit of ceiling slap bang in the middle of the building.

Another load of stained glass.

This is some rather splendid carved wood in the choir area. It’s my favourite bit of the cathedral, but I couldn’t get any good photos cos there was a guided tour going on.

This slighty shitty photo (sharpened up a bit in Photoshop, cos I couldn’t keep my hands steady enough while zooming in) is of the Lincoln Imp. It’s probably the best known feature of the Cathedral, and is the reason why Lincoln City Football Club is nicknamed The Imps. It’s very small, and high up above a big column and would be difficult to spot if there wasn’t a sign telling you where to look. There is a story about why he’s up there, but I forget how it goes exactly. Probably something to do with God liking imps.

A statue of one of Lincolnshire’s finest dudes, Alfred Lord Tennyson; who, if truth be told, probably wouldn’t get past the first round of auditions on The X Factor these days… moan moan moan chunter chunter bring back National Service it was better in the old days when we all had the Plague but we were happy moan moan moan blah blah blah…

And finally, some flying buttresses on the outside of the chapterhouse.

Should you ever find yourself with an hour to spare in Lincoln, visiting the Cathedral is one of the better ways to spend your time (and four quid). Unless you bump into Miss Kelly, that is.

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December 28th, 2007 at 3:38 pm

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  1. Your a very funny man who should have his own travel show.


    28 Dec 07 at 18:49

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