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I was a tad drunk last night, and had 20 minutes to spend on a train platform waiting to return to north London and I ran my fingers over the braille on the emergency help intercom thing. I did it quite a few times. Again and again to try and feel the difference between the letters. Frankly, I dunno how blind people do it.

Crisps (potato chips) are ace in England. I’d forgotten about that.

People with backpacks on the Tube, though, aren’t ace. They are shit. How is it possible that they can be so unaware of the extra space they take up, and that any movement means their fellow passengers get a mouth full of Jack Wolfskin?

And, good Lord up above, the young folk of London town… I was walking down a narrow pavement, and I approached a part where there was a bin blocking half the path. A young dude was approaching the same part of the pavement. I stood aside as I saw he’d reach it marginally before me. As soon as he saw me do it, he slowed to snail’s pace and just glared at me. Cunt.

Finally, I bought some new headphones. Being quite susceptible to ear infections, I thought it would be a good idea to ditch the iPod earbuds in favour of those that cover the whole ear. And I totally fell for the sales pitch of the dude in one of those electronics shops on Tottenham Court Road. I ended up spending a small fortune on some with the noise reduction thingy. But, my oh my, what a difference good headphones make! It is amazing. I’m hearing so much stuff that I’ve never noticed before. The slight studio echoes of the drums on Frank Sinatra songs, and the huge amounts of lovely bass on “Nude” by Radiohead being particular favourites. Up until this week, I was always a bit snooty about those hifi nerds, but I really think it’s possible I could join their ranks.

Anyway, my coffee is nearly empty, so it’s time to get out of this cafe.

Written by Craig

December 5th, 2007 at 5:03 pm

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  1. Ahhh, Craig thank you for the smile your words have given me! I am a bit hungover today and you just made my day.:)


    5 Dec 07 at 17:32

  2. I’m never sure if I like a particular piece of music until I’ve heard it on my headphones.

    > a mouth full of Jack Wolfskin

    Now that’s innuendo.


    6 Dec 07 at 10:46

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