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Stairway to Heaven

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Who actually likes this song? Really. I’m a bit perplexed.

After listening to a couple of recent Word magazine podcasts where the topic of Led Zeppelin came up, I got to wondering how many people are actually happy to hear this song.

I know that amongst my friends, and I suspect most people who quite like the band, that none of us really enjoy it. We’ll occasionally add the caveat that it gets better in the latter stages when it begins rockin’, but on the whole, it’s no-one’s fave Zep song. And I don’t ever remember it being one of my favourites, it’s not just that I’ve heard it too many times (even though I have).

Looking in my iTunes at the play count of Led Zeppelin IV, every song is in double figures, apart from Stairway to Heaven.

So, with this in mind, why is that most of us assume that they must play it? It’s not like it’s their only popular song; it’s not like T’Pau not playing “China In Your Hand” at one of their shows. Zep fans are gonna be happier, I suspect, to hear a less-often-played-on-the-radio-song in its place.

So, with this in mind, do any of you like Stairway to Heaven? I’m not being snooty about it, it’s just something I genuinely wonder about.

Written by Craig

December 14th, 2007 at 12:06 pm

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  1. I’ve never understood the love affair with this song and felt a mixture of guilt for not liking it and stupidity for maybe not getting it, like everyone in your class had been invited to a party and you hadn’t.

    By the way, I like the where in the world update, it’s cool!


    14 Dec 07 at 17:24

  2. I absolutely love the song and you’re the first I’ve heard to criticise it so!

    In fact at my 21st it was the song that genuinely got everybody going nuts – my parents & reli’s and all us youngsters.

    So I would assume it works best when listened to in groups, it isn’t a song I’ve gone out of my way to play on my iPod either.

    Also, there’s probably a reason it’s the song you’re most likely to hear by a busker at an Underground station…. (so far as I’ve noticed).

    Would be interested to hear other’s opinions…


    14 Dec 07 at 18:48

  3. Man! I used to like this song, but it’s 2007 man! I cannot listen to this song anymore + it’s extremely overheard! Better keep it in your archive!


    14 Dec 07 at 20:40

  4. Definitely dig it. My last day of high school (an American ritual my dual citizen kids will be spared), I will never forget climbing in my car and hearing that opening guitar riff start.

    Best ride through strawberry fields ever (my high school was amidst produce fields in SoCal).

    I’ve been anti all these old dudes touring of late (RS, Police, et al) but I really would dig a Led Zeppelin show as long as the tix aren’t in three figures.

    The Big A

    15 Dec 07 at 19:27

  5. I do like it, but really only because of associated memories. In college a dear friend and I had silly hand motions and voiceovers that went with it, and I smile when I hear it because I remember him.

    But were I to hear it on its own, now, for the first time, I’d probably find it dated and silly, and were I to hear it under those circumstances alongside some of their other work, I wouldn’t consider it the best or even the most commercial thing in there.


    16 Dec 07 at 00:22

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