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I had a very nice walk with my pal Ben along the northern bank of the River Thames a couple of days ago; from Kew Bridge to Hammersmith Bridge. And very enjoyable it was too. It felt longer than the four-ish miles it is.

And it was a joy to spend that much time chatting and giggling with an old friend. We spent a lot of time wondering how disgusting various quantities of different food might be.

For example; eating a square metre of fried egg white. Or eating a brick of marzipan. Drinking a pint of hot butter, or a pint of aspic. Having a leaf-blower blow a crushed croissant’s flakes right down your throat. Or wearing a complete fried chicken’s skin as a helmet and eating your way out.

Anyway, here’s some photos of the Thames.

Written by Craig

December 13th, 2007 at 4:18 pm

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  1. Just getting into the Christmas spirt…
    How about drinking a pint of eggnog
    within 60 seconds. Yummy.


    13 Dec 07 at 19:37

  2. Spirit, not spirt. Though that is probley what you would be doing after the eggnog. Spirting.


    13 Dec 07 at 19:41

  3. look! From the monster phone! All sounded delicious…


    13 Dec 07 at 19:51

  4. Eating a brick of marzipan is fine – not disgusting at all. I’ve done it. Quite a few times. Um, that’s probably quite shameful isn’t it.


    14 Dec 07 at 01:22

  5. Well, yes, I could eat a certain amount of lovely marzipan, but a big brick of it… nope.


    16 Dec 07 at 16:51

  6. On the croissant flake tip, how about dry roasted peanut dust being blown down your throat whilst having the almost fart-like aroma assault your nostrils.



    9 Jan 08 at 15:52

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