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Top of my pops

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It always feels weird doing one of those end of the year lists. Partly because it could look like one is full of ego, like, my taste rules! But also because, in this iPod age, newer records don’t get put at the front of a pile and listened to more often like they used to.

Still, I like to read other end of year lists, if for no other reason than to check out what I’ve missed and should pick up in the January sales.

So, my ten favourite songs of the year. Feel free to share your favourites in the comments.

(It’s pretty tight in the top three of those songs. Having just listened to them all again, I’m tempted to change the order, especially listening to the beautiful guitar solo on “Either Way” which reminds me so much of lovely warm summer mornings and lovely warm summer evenings in the park with Billy.)

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December 21st, 2007 at 3:15 pm

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  1. That’s a nice idea.

    1. 15 Steps/Radiohead
    2. House of Cards/Radiohead
    3. Building Downtown/Arcade Fire
    4. Music When The Lights Go Out/Libertines
    5. What Light/Wilco
    6. Boys Keep Swinging/Bowie
    7. The Blinding/Babyshambles
    8. Travelling Light/Tindersticks
    9. Coma Girl/Joe Strummer
    10. Knocked Up/Kings of Leon


    21 Dec 07 at 15:42

  2. I love Top-Ten-lists. I just bought all songs except Boring ( I had) and Skylon! (only with album). I trust your taste. Thanks


    21 Dec 07 at 16:06

  3. I don’t worry about looking egotistical, because my taste actually does rule.


    21 Dec 07 at 16:35

  4. Nude. Absolutely.
    In no particular order:
    ATLAS Battles
    US V. THEM LCD Soundsystem
    MY BODY IS A CAGE Arcade Fire
    SEA SONG Rachel Unthank + The Winterset
    I GET AROUND Dragonette
    THE WATER Feist
    NUDE Radiohead.

    Ian Mac

    24 Dec 07 at 11:44

  5. my top 10 songs 2007

    1. An end has a start :: Editors
    2. Spring and by summer fall :: Blonde Redhead
    3. Bullets :: Tunng
    4. Conspiracy of the Gods :: Trans Am
    5. The Heinrich Maneuver :: Interpol
    6. Suicide Booth :: Rendezvous
    7. Lily :: Aaron
    8. Brianstorm :: Arctic Monkeys
    9. Grinderman :: No pussy blues
    10. Satan said dance :: Clap your hands say yeah

    Considering i spent half of 2007 mourning over my dog, this is a surprisingly cheerful list ;-)


    27 Dec 07 at 11:32

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