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I like spicy food. I like jalapeños a lot, and I’ll happily scoff down a vindaloo. But then there’s the habanero chili. This seems to be in a different league all together. Looking at their hotness on the Scoville scale, you’ll see they are pretty damned hot. Jalapeños are a maximum of 8,000 thingies; habaneros are a minimum of 100,000. That’s, at the very least, 12.5 times hotter.

Purely for scientific reasons, I wanted to try one. So when I was in a market at the weekend, I bought some habanero chilis. Having seen a teenage boy eat on on YouTube and make all sorts of gruesome faces that looked a bit fake, I was very very curious.

So I ate (half of) one.

And, rather unsurprisingly, it was really really hot. And, in a slightly masochistic way, pleasantly so.

Written by Craig

January 14th, 2008 at 9:32 am

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  1. You one crazy gringo!


    14 Jan 08 at 20:35

  2. Dude today I was at the flea market and the mexican man told me to eat one, he said it was like candy… i assumed it was a sweet pepper… i had no idea it was a habenero and i ate that sucker whole!


    10 Jun 09 at 20:16

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