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A couple of fairly lazy days. Still a bit beat from being ill earlier in the week. Done a little bit of walking around, drinking coffees in local cafes and reading (feels slightly odd to be reading something as English as P.G. Wodehouse in Mexico). Went to a fancy castle and the modern art museum. Endured a lack of electricity during a thunder storm, and practiced my stuttering Spanish skills when trying to buy trousers and sunscreen.

Most of all, though, I’ve been feeling homesick. It’s something I’ve never ever felt before. Previous holidays have always left me wanting more, and hating going home. But this time, I keep thinking about Berlin. It’s eight weeks since I left, and if I had the chance to fly back tomorrow, I’d be very tempted. But my pride and ego will stop me going back sooner than I’d planned. Although my return-to-Europe flight date of 11th July does seem so very far away.

Each passing day, I miss Billy more and more. And each passing day, I worry that he’ll forget who I am by the time I get back. It really kicked me yesterday when I stopped in front of a pet store with some pretty puppies in cages in the window. I just wanna be back there with the little fella, walking around Mauerpark in the wind and rain.

Still, I’m not complaining. I know I’m lucky to be in Mexico right now, and in three weeks I’ll have visited three countries that I’ve never been to before. And, of course, I’ve got a long long time to go on this adventure; maybe I won’t be homesick for Berlin.

Seems weird, though, that it takes being half a world away to make me appreciate the old place.

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January 25th, 2008 at 12:46 pm

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  1. Dude he’s not gonna forget you!


    25 Jan 08 at 20:18

  2. Mein Freund, i know how you feeling. Lived in Berlin till 2003, since then in the canary island. most of the people would say: “you are a lucky one – living on the sunny side”.im lucky, thats true. But always missing something here. I miss berlin – but only a few things in it”.think it is the
    Im sure there is a personal reason why you are doing this what you are doing!
    And what exactly you miss? can you answer this to youself?. Dont worry, as you mentioned: as longer you are away as more you will know what – essential thing – you missing.
    enjoy your travel you are faster back as you think!


    25 Jan 08 at 21:15

  3. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said there are three wants that can never be fulfilled: the wish of a sick man to be healthy, the wish of a rich man for more money and the desire for a traveler to be anywhere but here.


    26 Jan 08 at 13:45

  4. Hey there,
    I am sorry to hear that you miss home and Billy so much. Can relate to that. Am in San Francisco/Mountain View if only for two weeks but the cat is with the ex-boyfriend so I might know a bit about how you feel.
    Heading home tomorrow, though.
    And I am sure you’ll manage!
    Maybe it helps a bit that there are a lot of people out here enjoying your updates?


    27 Jan 08 at 07:59

  5. It’ll pass. And he’ll still know you, don’t worry. In fact, for him it doesn’t matter if you’ve been away 2 days or 2 years. He’ll know you and he’ll be jumping up and down. :)


    28 Jan 08 at 10:35

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