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Super furry January mix

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Back in October, I was planning to do a little entry about the Super Furry Animals being ace and under-appreciated. Literally the next day, I read this piece by Alan McGee on the Guardian web site. So I didn’t bother doing one.

But, if you’re anything like me, in the days following a good concert, you’ll listen to that particular band quite a lot. I’ve been listening to SFA all the time. Then I got an email from a good friend who said she’d never really got into them. For me, as a male human, this kind of statement is some sort of gauntlet landing at my feet. So I decided to put together a mix of Super Furry Animals songs for her: one song off each album, not particularly my favourite of each album, but songs that work together as a mix and cover all aspects of SFA’s music.

And I present it here for you, too. As with previous mixes, it’ll be online for one week only. If you like the songs, you should really do yourself a favour and buy all of their albums: your life will be richer for doing so.

Zoom! (Love Kraft, 2005) / Run-Away (Hey Venus!, 2007) / She’s Got Spies (Radiator, 1997) / Ice Hockey Hair (single, 1998) / Arnofio/Glô in the Dark (Out Spaced, 1998) / Gathering Moss (Fuzzy Logic, 1996) / Ymaelodi A R Ymylon (Mwng, 2000) / Receptacle for the Respectable (Rings Around The World, 2001) / Fire In My Heart (Guerilla, 1999) / Slow Life (Phantom Power, 2003)

superfurrymix.mp3 (44m 31s, 61.2MB)

Written by Craig

January 4th, 2008 at 11:58 am

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  1. I really like the Super Furry Animals. I also like saying ‘Super Furry Animals’ in a Welsh accent.


    4 Jan 08 at 19:59

  2. absolutely love’em


    6 Jan 08 at 16:50

  3. Think Slow Life might be one of my fave songs ever.

    Also can’t get enough of:
    Colonise the moon

    Wilfred Knievel

    9 Jan 08 at 14:00

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