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Bananas, boys and girls, bananas

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The natural follow-up to the Fun Boy Three post: a Bananarama post. They really were great at times, huh? And my answer to the obvious question: Keren at the time, but looking at them again this morning, Siobhan really is very beautiful.

Really Saying Something 1982


Cruel Summer 1983


Robert De Niro’s Waiting 1984


Love In The First Degree 1987


I Want You Back 1988


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February 20th, 2008 at 7:32 pm

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  1. Siobhan, i recently found out it’s pronounced something like ‘she-von’.. i was a bit off track for years on this one apparently. just as i also thought real was ‘ray-all’-ish. getting wiser by the day ;-)


    21 Feb 08 at 08:47

  2. It was always Siobhan for me


    21 Feb 08 at 22:47

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