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Well, so far, São Paulo seems lovely. The Jardins area where I’ve spend most of my time so far, is all very nice. Kind of like a slightly swankier version of Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg area. Nice cafes, restaurants, clothes and book shops. It’s all been a swirl of stuff so far. Eating, drinking, and driving around; seeing large amounts of prostitutes (of both sexes); stepping ankle deep into a gutter full of water; going to the cinema (No Country For Old Men – pretty damn good); looking out of tall buildings at the massive amounts of city; walking around watching the pretty girls; enjoying the rain storm clearing up, and the clouds disappearing just in time for the lunar eclipse; and trying not to feel too scared about the nagging knowledge in the back of my head that this city can be dangerous.

My natural cautiousness and Juliana’s warnings (“don’t wear that t-shirt, don’t wear your watch, do you have any other tennis shoes [ie. cheaper-looking, and not Nike]?”) have conspired to make me not go anywhere remotely dangerous so far. I’ve been driven through possibly dangerous areas, but not set foot in them yet. But I’m not gonna let it get the better of me. I will go into the city centre, I will empty my pockets of anything that I don’t want to lose, and, goddammit, I will enjoy myself.

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February 21st, 2008 at 2:59 pm

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  1. go naked and enjoy yourself.

    x s


    22 Feb 08 at 09:18

  2. ‘Swanky’is the word. I was staying in Jardins last week. Didn’t step ankle deep in a puddle but did accidentally sit in one, meaning I had to tramp the aforementioned swanky neighbourhood in wet-bottomed shame.

    Wasn’t mugged while there either but I was stung by a bee in the park, so I’d add bees to the list of things you should be paranoid about while there.


    23 Feb 08 at 19:33

  3. is that from police quest?


    13 Feb 09 at 20:35

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