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A bit of a nothing day yesterday. Ian and Kate have been generous and allowed me to use their Internet connection even though I’ve not been staying at their place for the last few nights, so most of yesterday was taken up with catching up on the BBC and Guardian. In the evening, Bill, Robin and I went out for Chinese food. They are leaving Belize this morning, so it was nice to spend one final evening with them, and very gracious of them to allow me to join them. Let’s not forget it was Valentine’s Day on their tropical holiday; the last thing I’d want to do is have some beardy Brit tagging along.

After the food, we had one last drink, and I bid them farewell. One thing that has been amazing so far, is that I’ve met three lovely couples from northern California and Oregon, all of whom have offered genuine invitations to visit them on the possible west coast USA leg of my journey. That part of my trip is tentative. It all depends on money and my will to keep on travelling. But I do have this little fantasy of seeing all the Major League Baseball stadiums, and nipping up the west coast to see the Padres, Dodgers, Angels, Giants, Athletics, and Mariners’ stadiums is very tempting. Especially now that I’ve got three places to spend a night on a journey from San Francisco to Seattle.

Ian and I were discussing how much more genuine American invitations seem. Kraig and Barbara, Walt and Jenny, Bill and Robin: their offers all seemed sincere. When we Brits do it, I dunno, it just seems like our inherent hang-ups with seeming polite make the offers seem very insincere. Any of you Brits agree or disagree with this? I do wonder if it was just something that Ian and I happen to both think, but might possibly be untrue.

To finish, a little note about that new addition to the right hand column on this page, just under the map: I decided that the flow of these blog entries would probably be better if I didn’t feel that I had to remind you who each person was every time I mentioned a name. So if you’re wondering who the heck I’m referring to, just click over there and you’ll find an alphabeticised list of name with a short description.

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February 15th, 2008 at 10:20 am

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