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Bus ride to Curitiba

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Taking the bus is the right way to do this. For one thing, it was more comfortable and had more leg-room than a flight. It cost about a third of the price, too. It’s not taking off your shoes and going through a metal detector and being treated like a terrorist until you can prove you’re not; it’s buying a ticket a 9.09am, and being on the bus at 9.10am, and being on the road at 9.15am. Took about five times longer, but that kind of enjoyable. And the distance seems more real. You are going through it, not flying over it. There were moments on the bus when I really knew how lucky I am to be here doing this. Looking out as the bus wound along hillsides, passed tiny villages, listening to the iPod: there was as prolonged a moment of contentment as I’ve felt in many, many years.

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March 10th, 2008 at 3:27 pm

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