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Framing the sky

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It’s difficult to put into words the mind-tingling joy one has looking at Oscar Niemeyer’s work. It seems very of its time, but doesn’t feel dated like so many buildings of that era. I’ve not read or studied his work much, so maybe this was the entire point and I’m being yawn-inducingly dull, but spending some time walking around amongst the buildings of Brasilia, I got the feeling that maybe his entire purpose here was to create buildings that simply offered interesting framings of the wonderful skies here; vast skies that remind me a little of the skies over Lincolnshire, oddly. Apologies for the generic arty-guy-with-a-camera-in-front-of-buildings photographs.

Still plenty more photos to come.

Written by Craig

March 1st, 2008 at 11:20 am

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  1. Oh my… those were some amaaaazing pictures. Looks like you’ve been visiting another galaxy. Or an architect on LSD… Beautiful though!


    1 Mar 08 at 19:54

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