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Aside from the people, the landscape, the food, and the weather; this is my favourite thing in Brazil.

The ovomaltine milkshake from the fast food chain, Bob’s. It is, (and I’m sorry for the blatant use of foul language, Mum), fucking wonderful. Like a big ice cream-y Ovaltine with little crystals of sugary goodness in it. I’m limiting myself to one every three or four days, because it must have about a thousand calories. But, should you ever find yourself in Brazil, I heartily recommend trying one. It’s the best milkshake ever. Even better than Kelis’ milkshake and, as you know, that brings all the boys to the yard.

Written by Craig

March 20th, 2008 at 3:55 pm

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  1. It’s really good!!!
    Come on to Fortaleza too!

    Alvaro Beleza

    20 Mar 08 at 21:20

  2. you ungrateful guest!
    are you not going to mention i was the one who introduced you to the amazing word of 4000 calories Bob’s milkshake?

    you disappoint me more and more and more every day.

    after that one i gave up introducing you to anyone else in this country.


    ; )


    21 Mar 08 at 02:21

  3. they have these in bangkok too – i was too scared to try one in case i fell asleep instantly. They have Horlicks ones too – madness!


    22 Mar 08 at 08:48

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