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A year of streets

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Following on from the last post, another one about street names. There’s quite a lot of South American streets which take their names from dates. I want to see if I/we can compile a whole year’s worth.

For example, here’s just a handful of what I’ve found so far: 20 de febrero, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rua 25 de março, São Paulo, Brasil; 1° de mayo, El Calafate, Argentina; Rua 24 de maio, Porto Alegre, Brasil; Straße des 17. Juni, Berlin, Deutschland; 18 de julio, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.

I’ve compiled what I’ve found so far, put them together on a page that I am calling A year of streets.

If you can help fill in the (substantial) gaps, it would be great if you could email me (craig AT flipflopflyin DOT com) or leave a comment below.

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April 22nd, 2008 at 5:51 pm

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  1. Lots of streets an avenues in México named:

    5 de Mayo (May 5, battle of Puebla day)
    15 de Mayo (May 15)
    20 de Noviembre (November20, Revolution day)
    16 de Septiembre (September 16, Independence day)

    Im’ looking on Guía Roji (a map system for México; http://guiaroji.com.mx) and I got this results searching for México City only, for January only:


    So… you might as well fill your gaps with just Mexican calles (streets). :)

    Jorge Cavazos

    23 Apr 08 at 00:02

  2. I think there is one in Cancun called Rua da injury time goal al Chelsea


    23 Apr 08 at 00:26

  3. La Paz, Bolivia:
    Avenida 16 de julio
    Calle 6 de agosto


    23 Apr 08 at 00:56

  4. also in porto alege
    rua 7 de setembro
    rua 24 de outubro
    travessa 19 de Março


    23 Apr 08 at 03:57

  5. Thank you, people. That’s great.

    And to whoever is the anonymous coward who keeps leave comments about football now and again: grow some testicles and leave you name, you fucking chicken.


    23 Apr 08 at 15:06

  6. There’s lots of Rue Du Quatorze Juillets in France, unsurprisingly. My favourite one is in Cognac.

    Oh, and about the footy – console yourself with how ugly and awkward the song would sound…

    “We won it six times, we won it six tii-iii-iiimes. In Moscow, we won it six times”


    Stephen Jackson

    23 Apr 08 at 16:18

  7. corso xxii marzo–milan, italy


    23 Apr 08 at 21:22

  8. Updated version now online. Thanks again.

    cn: not had chance to go through the DF thingy yet, but will do and add your suggestions later.


    24 Apr 08 at 01:31

  9. Rua 5 de julho, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

    Rua 28 de setembro, Belém, Pará, Brasil

    Travessa 14 de março, Belém, Pará, Brasil


    24 Apr 08 at 04:57

  10. Craig you are such a geek!


    24 Apr 08 at 10:40

  11. I used to teach at a Lycée on Boulevard du Huit Mai (May 8th), in Calais, France.

    Former UPS fan...

    24 Apr 08 at 21:37

  12. viale 21 aprile, roma
    viale 30 aprile, roma
    via 24 maggio, roma
    via 20 settembre, roma
    viale 11 agosto, firenze
    piazza 4 novembre, firenze


    27 Apr 08 at 15:13

  13. Avenida 16 de Septembre in Juarez, Mexico (not the only city with that street name, but the only one I’ve been to).


    7 May 08 at 05:11

  14. May 11th: Avenida 11 de Maio in Presidente Prudente, Brazil


    16 May 08 at 17:01

  15. Here’s a couple with May and October in the Netherlands:

    5 mei-plein, Maarn, NL
    5 Meiplein, Utrecht, NL

    Zes-Oktoberlaan, Woensdrecht, NL
    (Zes means 6)
    8 Oktoberstraat, Helden, NL
    28 Oktoberstraat, Roosendaal, NL
    11 Oktoberstraat, Koggenland, NL



    18 May 08 at 13:47

  16. In Spain you’ll find many:

    Calle 2 de Mayo
    Calle 10 de Octubre
    Calle 9 d’Octubre (in the Valencian Country)

    Would you like me to get pics for you?


    21 May 08 at 12:42

  17. In Milano, again:
    piazza 6 Febbraio
    piazza 8 Novembre

    and in Monterotondo (Rome)
    via 2 Giugno



    21 May 08 at 23:17

  18. Plaza del 2 de Mayo, Madrid, Spain

    good luck!!!


    22 May 08 at 13:34

  19. Vijfde Januaristraat, Sint-Gillis, België
    (Vijfde meaning fifth)
    7 januaristraat, Maastricht, Nederland


    2 Jun 08 at 23:43

  20. Once again, I want to say thanks for all of your contributions; it’s great to have you all involved.



    3 Jun 08 at 00:51

  21. Avenida 20 de Julio, Bogota, Colombia
    Avenida 1 de Mayo, Bogota, Colombia
    Puente del 7 de Agosto, Boyaca, Colombia


    25 Jun 08 at 07:27

  22. Was just reading the back of a bottle of adidas shower gel and discovered there is a ‘rue du 4 Septembre’ in Paris as this is where the ‘adidas department’ of the Coty company is based. Probably one of the more interesting things I’ve learnt from reading the back of a shower gel bottle!


    15 Jul 08 at 11:15

  23. If you promise to look after it, I will happily donate Via Ottobre 26 to your worthy cause … it's in Sestu, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.

    Proof if it's needed: http://www.google.it/maps?f=q&hl;=it&geocode;=&q;=ottobre+cagliari&sll;=41.442726,15.205078&sspn;=24.005698,35.288086&ie;=UTF8≪=39.303213,9.088783&spn;=0.00606,0.008615&z;=17&iwloc;=addr


    7 Aug 08 at 14:17

  24. Ooh, we've also got Via 12 Dicembre and I didn't even know it. Again, Cagliari, Sardinia.

    More proof (I know it's not needed, but I think you should add some level of rigour to your endeavour. Rigour = fun as we all well know.): http://www.google.it/maps?f=q&hl;=it&geocode;=&q;=dicembre+cagliari&sll;=41.442726,12.392578&sspn;=12.018933,17.644043&ie;=UTF8&z;=16&iwloc;=addr


    7 Aug 08 at 14:22

  25. Dan and the anonymous dudes: Thank you!


    7 Aug 08 at 14:31

  26. mariana gogu

    11 Aug 08 at 04:37

  27. These are all in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico.
    I’ve taken pictures. Yes, I am a geek.

    Calle 5 de Febrero
    Plaza 31 de Marzo
    Calle 28 de Agosto
    Avenida 20 de Noviembre

    and some you already have, but still:
    Calle 1o de Marzo (primero, that is)
    Avenida 16 de Septiembre


    20 Aug 08 at 01:43

  28. Hola!
    In the city of Tijuana BC, Mexico there is an Avenida 20 de Noviembre. Great project!


    20 Aug 08 at 03:12

  29. In Strasbourg, France there is a Rue du 22-Novembre.

    Now I’ll be spending time at work looking out for these across France.


    27 Aug 08 at 23:46

  30. More street names, all three are in France. It’s amazing what you come by on a day-to-day basis and never really notice:

    Rue 6 Septembre in Montois-la-Montagne

    Place du 8 Septembre in Besançon

    Rue du 19 Janvier in Rueil-Malmaison


    2 Sep 08 at 17:46

  31. I’m happy to say, this project is complete. Every date of the year has a street named after it. Even 29 February. Yay.

    Thank you all so much for your help.


    8 Sep 08 at 15:32

  32. What about taking another step and adding in front of each date what happened on this specific day that has given this name to the street/place/etc. ?
    That would be great !

    Curious man

    25 Sep 08 at 14:07

  33. next step, a calendar!


    20 Nov 08 at 23:36

  34. I know you already have one for it, but here's a former Polish street for 3rd May, renamed by the Nazis. I don't know if its name was restored after the Nazis were defeated.



    21 Aug 09 at 13:10

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