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I find it interesting that things that naturally come out of our bodies are viewed as “disgusting.” Faeces, urine, vomit, sweat, nasal mucus, phlegm, blood; all of them, at some point or other, make a lot of us go “eeeeuuww!” And aside from hamsters and syringes full of heroin, we’re not that bothered about talking about the things we put into our bodies. Which, is a rather ponderous way of getting to the topic of toilets.

Argentinian and Uruguayan hotels and hostels seem to be almost uniformly rocking the one-ply toilet paper. It’s like being back in the 1970s. I almost feel like calling for my mummy to come and wipe my bottom, it’s such a throwback to my childhood. But the hotel I’m currently staying in takes it to a new level. They are supplying something that seems to be ¾-ply toilet tissue. (I do like the phrase “toilet tissue,” especially when the “ss” is said in a really sibilant way.) It has plenty of holes in it, but it has no perforations to create individual sheets, either. Look.

Yes, toilets here are always accompanied by their bidet brothers, but you’ve still gotta dry your botty, right? And while we’re discussing toilets, here’s some rather pretty urinal cake-type things that are nice pastel-coloured balls.

And finally, in a cinema here in Buenos Aires (I went to see “Untraceable.” Despite have Diane Lane to look at for an hour and a half; it’s not great), there’s a hand dryer in its own little cage. Not sure why they would feel the need to do this, but they have.

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April 27th, 2008 at 5:42 pm

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  1. thats some ssssad tissue Craig. Your assss must be sssore.


    28 Apr 08 at 04:00

  2. Perhaps those little pastel balls are for a kind of wee-wee-based Connect 4?

    Stephen Jackson

    28 Apr 08 at 17:29

  3. > things that naturally come out of our bodies are viewed as “disgusting.”

    Well, yeah. Because they come out. We excrete them because they wouldn’t do us much good if they stayed in. Hence the early humans who were genetically disposed to eat poo with merry abandon died of poo-eating-related diseases, leaving the gene pool full of squeamish folks like us.


    29 Apr 08 at 00:24

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