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John and I went to see Boca Juniors v. Newell’s Old Boys yesterday. I’ve never been to a game with as good an atmosphere as that. The singing never stopped. They hardly missed a beat when Newell’s scored an equaliser, either. Eventually, Boca won 2-1. But the football wasn’t the important thing, really; it was just being there, seeing those fans. It was superb. And considering all you hear about is that you should be careful there, we didn’t see anything even approach any trouble or violence.

Here’s a clip, anyway, of the fans singing, and some photos below that.

Someone’s checking you out, luv

Note the policeman’s shield protecting the Newell’s player from possible projectiles when he takes a corner

Newell’s equalised…

…then Boca scored again

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April 20th, 2008 at 9:43 am

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  1. July 10, Portland Timbers vs. Puerto Rico Islanders…

    July24, Portland Timbers vs.Carolina Railhawks…

    see you there…


    21 Apr 08 at 02:16

  2. A couple of other’s there seeming to be taking video, too – were you in the tourist enclosure?!?

    Amazing crowd, though. I’d love to know what they were singing. I’d like to think it’s something more imaginative than an opposition players wife taking up the bum, or something….. or would I?!?!?

    PS – I think we used to get the same school bus and, after I moved to Bracebridge, would sometimes be the last two left on.

    Chris Russell

    21 Apr 08 at 12:25

  3. Chris, the seats were relatively expensive, so there were lots of families in their. We were told, also, that as tourists, it was best to go in that section for our own safety. But most of the other people were Argentines. I doubt it, regarding the school bus, I never lived far enough away to get the bus to school.


    21 Apr 08 at 14:55

  4. Whatever were they singing “John Arne-Riis is a ginger clown!”?


    23 Apr 08 at 00:23

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