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My hotel room, at the Royal Hotel, is fairly comedic. It is very cheap, though, less than £10 a night; and the old woman at the reception is very friendly. It’s got those horrible foam pillows, plastic sheets under the cotton sheet, the bathroom smells a bit off, and I’ve seen a few ants. Funniest of all, though is the window. No regular window here. No view of the street or anything. The only window is approx. 75cm square and I’d have to stand on tip toes to see out of it; but I can’t see out of the window because it’s patterned glass. Patterned yellow glass. And it opens onto the corridor outside my room. There’s a skylight in the corridor, so I suppose I’m getting some daylight. But it’s very dark in there. This is what my room looks like at midday.

Written by Craig

April 2nd, 2008 at 1:43 pm

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