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Flip Flop Flying podcast no.5

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Yep, those of you who fancy listening to me ramble on for bloody ages about virtually nothing, then clicky downloady the link below. Have a good weekend.

Flip Flop Flying podcast no.5 2008/04/25

Written by Craig

April 25th, 2008 at 10:16 am

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  1. 1. My grandmother had the same problem when ordering steak.

    2. I took judo, but the only thing I learned was how to fall without getting hurt. It’s come in mighty handy over the years.

    3. An expanse of moss sounds lovely.


    25 Apr 08 at 17:25

  2. I loved the binaural coughing. Amongst many other things.


    26 Apr 08 at 16:42

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