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Those of you with a superb memory may remember I mentioned that I was planning a little exhibition in Mexico City. Time flew by, and that exhibition opens this weekend. Sadly, the schedule of my trip has meant that I won’t be there to see it myself, but it should be nice. The show is called Mexipops which shouldn’t make it difficult to work out that the content is Minipops of Mexican people, all printed up nice and big.

There’s an opening night party thingy on Thursday – that’s, err, tonight. Some band that I’ve never heard of are playing. If you’re in Mexico City, I assume it will be a fun night out, so, you know, let me know how it is if you do happen to go along. Here’s the flyer (clicky to see a bigger version).

Written by Craig

April 3rd, 2008 at 9:09 am

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  1. $100! What a ripoff!


    3 Apr 08 at 21:28

  2. I’ll assume that you’re not saying that with a winky smiley face at the end, and point out that the US dollar isn’t the only currency that uses that symbol, and 100 Mexican pesos currently equals 9.47 US dollars.

    Here’s Lucy with the weather…


    4 Apr 08 at 03:26

  3. Oh, and if you are actually a Mexican in Mexico and think it is expensive… sorry!


    4 Apr 08 at 03:35

  4. What is “Fiesta con Riot in Belguim (Australia)”?? Do they need a copy of your Atlas, perhaps?


    4 Apr 08 at 05:15

  5. I think they’re an Australian band with the dreadfully dreadful name, “Riot in Belgium.”


    4 Apr 08 at 15:19

  6. So, in summary: one hundred dollars for a riot in Belgium, Australia? Sounds like a scam to me


    5 Apr 08 at 20:45

  7. Hey what’s up Craig!

    Your work is excellent, I went last friday to see your exhibition and it’s just incredible.
    All of the people in there felt really happy to see mexican icons in a different way.

    Odisea burbujas is so funny!

    Guys, the entrance to the show was 100 mexican pesos, no more than ten dollars, so it’s really cheap.

    Keep on working



    El inter

    6 Apr 08 at 23:48

  8. Riot In Belgium are actually rather excellent and are named after (i think) a Suicide gig that went feral.


    8 Apr 08 at 11:55

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