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Another day in Curitiba

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Aaah, it’s lovely to be back in Brasil. Nothing against Uruguay or Argentina, but there’s something in the air here that makes me happy. It’s great to be eating pão de queijo and drinking guaraná again, too.

Another thing I’ve enjoyed is knowing my way around somewhere. This isn’t the first time I’ve been back to a place on my trip, but São Paulo is a headfuck of a city, and I never quite got my bearings in Buenos Aires. Here, though, it felt great to get in a cab at the bus station and know that I was being taken the shortest route. It was great to know where to go for stamps or to get my laundry done. And it was great to meet up with Ozorio again, too, and have another night of alcohol-fuelled fun.

Today, after a dream that I had a massive goiter on my head – about the size of Mr. Topsy-Turvy‘s hat – and a bit of loafing around, I went to visit the Museu Oscar Niemeyer again. The website indicated there were some new exhibits, so, la la la, I went. And nice stuff there was too. Some Francis Bacon, Lucien Freud, and Henry Moore prints; some nice big sculptures by Eduardo Frota, and a whole bunch of work by Cildo Meireles, which I enjoyed a lot. and I got a couple of snaps of the J.Borges stuff I was talking about last time.

But, to my surprise, there was an even better retrospective of Niemeyer’s work than when I was here last time. Loads more info, drawings, and models. Me a happy bunny.

On my way to the museum, I didn’t notice an extra step on a bit of pavement and managed to not fall over, but I did hurt my hip a little bit, thus the slightly jerky, limpy walk down this tunnel at the museum. I love this tunnel, cos it makes me feel like I’m on a spaceship.


My hip’s fine now, by the way.

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May 7th, 2008 at 8:15 pm

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  1. That’s cool! The tunnel, not your impending hip replacement. ha ha


    8 May 08 at 01:41

  2. The way the light is hitting the flag in the first photo is incredibly lovely. The Niemeyer models are great!



    8 May 08 at 09:42

  3. Cor, that flag photo is completely smashing. Nice work.


    8 May 08 at 23:11

  4. Dan Cruikshank went to Niemeyer’s Congress Building in Brasilia in his Adventures in Architecture programme last week. It is an amazing building and quite a cool programme too. Have a look on iPlayer!


    9 May 08 at 15:40

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