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In one of the notebooks that I have with me (I’m stupidly over-prepared in this area: one A5 notebook, four smaller notebooks, and twelve things to write with, ranging from pencils, past biros and gel ink pens up to a nice fat Sharpie), has numbers in it. They’re written in rows of seven. Each row is a week. Each number is a day. Beginning with Friday 11 January and ending with Friday 11 July. The total extent of my trip. I’ve got just over six weeks left. Sounds like a lot, of course, I understand that, but there’s so much more I want to do, and I have been thinking about changing my return flight and staying for maybe another month. It would make me feel less guilty about spending two-ish weeks in New York, for one thing.

I’ve started to feel like this, because this trip shouldn’t be about bumming around seeing my friends in this city. I could do that any time, really. New York’s a relatively cheap flight away from Europe; this travelling lark is a bigger thing to do, and to “waste” two weeks here seems a bit silly. But, so far, it’s been nothing but fun, so I’m not gonna beat myself up about it too much. Apart from the feeling that I’m not travelling. And this pause has given me time to thing about what I’ve achieved so far. It’s been a topic I’ve gone over with friends in a few emails recently, and I’ve still not really got my head around it.

Some part of me wonders whether I’m at the point where I should bring my flight home forward and go back straight from New York. I somehow feel I’ve proved I can do it, so save the money I’d spend going across the States for another trip, when I might be more in need of a two-month break. I’m kind of in the mood to get back into the flow of my life, too; to start drawing and writing some more, to try and organise what I want to do and just get on with it. But, yet again, in a possibly stupidly masculine way, I’ve started so I will finish. I might not get the chance to find two months to do this in the near future. I don’t know what the future holds. Well, I do, but I’m sworn to secrecy by The Interplanetary Overlord.

In a weird way, though, I’m a bit too lazy and cowardly to stop travelling. That would mean actually sorting out where I want to live and all the crap that goes with that sort of thing. I think I might go back to Berlin, but I’m not entirely sold on the idea yet. Blah blah blah…

Enough of my yakkin’, here’s a little animation that Marc put together of the Ichiro photos from the other day. Thanks Marc.

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May 28th, 2008 at 12:26 pm

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  1. At the risk of interfering in the life of a stranger: 2 more months! ’Cos 6 weeks sounds like very little compared to all the time you’ve been doing this. And adventure has no time to wait whilst you get domestic for a couple of years.

    When Indiana Jones was outside the entrance to the Crystal Skull temple thingy, did he say “Right, I’ll just pop home and have a shave, maybe sort some bills out and teach a couple of classes. See you next year?” No sir. He ploughed straight on.

    Fortune and glory, kid.


    28 May 08 at 23:21

  2. Do you consider Berlin “home”?


    30 May 08 at 10:26

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