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I did some sightseeing. First stop, getting the little train up Corcovado hill to see the Big Jesus Thingy. That’s not it’s proper name, you’ll be astounded to learn. Whatever’s Portuguese for “Christ the Redeemer”; that’s its name. If Jesus Christ is planning to come back one day, I really hope it isn’t his ego that is holding him off from doing it before now; because if it is, then we’re buggered when he does come back. A thirty-metre-high statue not enough, Jesus? Not being a religious type, I did find myself thinking of chuckles the whole time when I was up there. Like, for example, the other hills having different Christs on top: Christ the Not-that-arsed-about-redeeming, Christ the Short-order Cook, Christ the Huckster. Etcetera and etcetera until it got really quite saucy and inappropriate, and his outstretched arms were showing us how big his wang is. Still, nice statue. Here’s some photos that look exactly the same as every photo taken by every tourist. First some snaps of the view.

Now some more of the big fella.

Here’s some dead moths that have gathered in one of the floodlights.

And some pretend Jesuses.

After praising the Lord, I got a cab to Pão de Açúcar, Sugar Loaf Mountain. A couple of cable cars and you’re up there with a different view over the city. The view from Jesus was looking out to sea, the view from Pão de Açúcar was better; you get a right good view over a massive amount of Rio. And from up there, it looks fantastic. All the buildings squished in-between the hills and the beaches. Magic stuff.

My sightseeing day was topped off nicely by a cab driver who showed me a laminated flyer for a strip club and telling me they did good massages “and a bit more… if you want!” And then spent the rest of the journey honking his horn at girls walking by, and turning around to look at me every time to make an “ooh she was nice!” face.

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May 13th, 2008 at 9:07 am

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  1. …these are not your average tourist shots…they are ammmmaaaaaaazzzzing! I love the under arm ones. And who knew that tourists would stand about with their arms out?


    13 May 08 at 16:58

  2. …wow.
    Is that a horse racing track that’s shown in the last “panorama” shot before big jebus? Given the density of buildings, it’s a hell of a lot of land to give up to the horses. They must really need the exercise

    the marshall

    14 May 08 at 10:06

  3. Yep, thats the ‘Jockey Club Brasileiro’ built in 1868, times of far lass density, for sure


    14 May 08 at 19:08

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