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The girls from Ipanema

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After several days of meticulous observation, I have completed my research.

Written by Craig

May 14th, 2008 at 7:23 pm

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4 Responses to 'The girls from Ipanema'

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  1. excellent.



    15 May 08 at 02:38

  2. that would make a nice t-shirt, badboy. JBx


    15 May 08 at 16:14

  3. I like it, but er… shouldn’t it be ‘tanned’…


    Er, maybe I should go and be bothersome elsewhere…

    Conor Cahill

    16 May 08 at 16:50

  4. Conor,

    I dunno about other versions, but Frank Sinatra says “tan” as you hear on this wonderful clip, and one would imagine he’d get a clip ’round the ear from Tom were he singing it wrong.



    16 May 08 at 17:01

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