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Milwaukee Art Museum

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As small-ish town art museums go, the Milwaukee Art Museum is quite lovely. Must be kinda difficult in this day and age to run an art museum if you’re not in London, New York, Paris, etc.; but this one does a fine job indeed. Not so keen on the rather ostentatiously groovy building, but the collection is ace. Most of the photos are of details of works on display there, and I really couldn’t be arsed to write down the names of the artists, so, y’know, sorry.

Written by Craig

June 11th, 2008 at 12:26 pm

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  1. …love the pie…


    11 Jun 08 at 22:07

  2. Damn, I apologize for mocking the museum. I had just returned from the Las Vegas Museum of Art, and it was not anywhere near this lovely. I don’t remember who did the wax people looking full of weltschmerz but I saw a bunch in Zurich and they are wonderful.

    The Bulkeleys

    12 Jun 08 at 11:02

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