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Two sensors

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I call this film “Two Sensors, a Button, and a Sensor That Doesn’t Work.” I think you’ll agree that it’s a video art masterpiece, right? Right? Hey! Come back!


Filmed this afternoon at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Written by Craig

June 10th, 2008 at 4:59 pm

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  1. Very french new wave Craig. :)


    11 Jun 08 at 01:18

  2. I love it how you could not stop the filming before you had dried your hands…leaving us with a glimpse of you on the little piece of mirror in view…




    11 Jun 08 at 08:00

  3. its a beautiful piece.


    11 Jun 08 at 08:42

  4. Two thoughts:

    1) Milwaukee Museum of Art, Milwaukee Museum of Art

    2) Craig just had a poo. Ew.

    The Bulkeleys

    11 Jun 08 at 10:41

  5. LOVE this film.


    11 Jun 08 at 15:09

  6. Thanks, Lisa & Alex & Natalie & Hotchy.

    1. Milwaukee Art Museum.
    2. No, I’d just done a wee, that’s all.


    11 Jun 08 at 17:44

  7. I’ll give you £10 for it.


    11 Jun 08 at 23:18

  8. i don’t think i’ve ever seen a sensor-soap dispenser… nice!


    19 Jun 08 at 19:53

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