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I’ll be heading back to Seattle in the morning. I’ve had a wonderful time here in Wenatchee. It’s been really good to spend time in a small town and meet new friends. And while it’s been relaxing, I feel like the days have been packed…

Wandering around, checking out the town. It’s a small place, sitting low in a valley in the Cascade Mountains on the banks of the Columbia River.

I visiting a dam…

And, as I previously mentioned, I did some shooting. I’ve not ever held a real gun before never mind shot one. And it’s something I’ve often thought about trying one day. I’ve watched so many guns being shot on TV and in films, that I’ve often wonders what if feels like to do it. I happened to mention this to Lisa and her housemate Cameron. He made a phone call, and that afternoon, we were driving out to his parents’ cherry orchard to get my firearms on. His dad had prepared four guns for me to try out. First, though, was the beer-and-rifle photo that was begging to be taken.

The rifle was the first I tried. Bang bang bang. Oooh, this is fun! Next up, the shotgun. Aaaah, yeh, this is more like it. A big kick in the shoulder when I pulled the trigger, and it was peppering a pizza box with a target drawn on it all around the side of a hill. I must admit, there are few things in life that feel as cool as loading the next cartridge into the chamber like you’re some farmer about to see off a poacher. Third, was a pistol. A little one. Small enough to fit in your pocket and no-one’d know it was there. Then the really cool one: a Magnum. I am Dirty Harry, and you, Mr. Pizza Box, are a punk. Lisa’s son, Ben, had a go too, and we all had a nice time with Cameron’s parents, his brother, and his sister-in-law. We said our goodbyes and walked to the car. Blocking our way out of the driveway, though, were two police cars. Some pesky neighbour had called the cops about the shooting, and Cameron’s dad had to go and show them where we’d been doing it.

After some guns and beer, what else is there to do in the United States but get really high on crystal meth? Just joking, Mum; we went to a baseball game. It was a West Coast Collegiate Baseball League game between the Wenatchee AppleSox and Kelowna Falcons. The home team won 10-4.

Not having drank enough booze, we went to a bar. And drank more booze.

Not sure why I had the guts to ask this fellow if I could take a photo of his t-shirt, cos he looks like the kinda guy who’d happily kick my ass, but I did.

One hangover and a breakfast at Denny’s later, and we were heading out to a cabin by Lake Chelan. We were there with Drew and Loni, Cameron’s brother and sister-in-law, and, we were busy sitting in the sun, swimming, eating hot dogs, drinking beer, kayaking, jumping off cliffs (about 50 metres up… alright then, about five metres up really), watching mermaids doing synchronised swimming in the lake, kicking a football around, and sitting around a fire just, y’know, talking.

(Hmmm, maybe this brand of football explains why Americans don’t really like soccer.)

It was so beautiful up there by the lake. Crystal clear water, beautiful weather, and lovely people. My time here in Wenatchee has been nothing short of wonderful. And it was all capped off with Lisa’s friend Rebecca, a woman who works in the cosmetics business, giving me a facial.

Guns and a facial. What more can one ask for?

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June 29th, 2008 at 11:59 pm

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  1. > Blocking our way out of the driveway, though, were two police cars.

    But you had a Magnum! And a rifle! And a shotgun! And a concealed pistol.

    You coulda taken ’em.


    30 Jun 08 at 13:20

  2. Ahh Craig I was all ready to back you up with the 50 meters bit. ;)


    2 Jul 08 at 09:24

  3. Wow, second to last picture! You know that’s my favorite color!! – Amy B.


    1 Aug 08 at 21:32

  4. so it is!


    1 Aug 08 at 23:57

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