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Technically, yes, I suppose this is a window seat; but I’m sure that Midwest Airlines know that, really, this seat just has some glass nearer to it than an aisle seat does. When one requests a window seat, one wants to look out at clouds and the odd field here and there, not the bloody engine.

Slightly off-topic, but still air travel-based: you’ll feel safer knowing that at both Milwaukee and Denver airports I managed to go through security without taking my toiletries out of my carry-on rucksack. They weren’t in a see-through plastic bag, and I had a bottle of shampoo in there which was 50% bigger than the 100ml limit allowed. The first time, I just plain forgot to take them out. The second time, I was interested to see if they’d neglect to notice it again. Which they did. Another blow for Al Qaeda right there. Take that, Osama.

Oh, and I rather enjoyed reading Matt Taibbi’s piece about John McCain in the current paper-and-ink version of Rolling Stone on the flight. As luck would have it, it’s on their website, too.

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June 20th, 2008 at 1:26 am

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