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Back in Seattle

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It’s a lovely journey along the western end of I-90; from Wenatchee to Seattle. Lisa, my friend in Wenatchee, wanted to go and see baseball in Seattle, so no need for public transport. Yay. And more laughs along the way. Double yay. Taking a couple of minor detours, I got to see Rosyln, the town where Northern Exposure was filmed; and North Bend and Snoqualmie where Twin Peaks was filmed. Here’s some pics of Roslyn.

We went into Twede’s Cafe, the cafe in Twin Peaks that had the cherry pie and the damn fine coffee. Inside, it looks nothing like it did in the show. There’s lots of Tweety Pie plush toys all over the place for a start. And, well, the waitresses certainly aren’t like Shelly Johnson. And the coffee… it’s damn average to be honest. Lisa had the cherry pie, I had apple pie. Lisa was fine, I had a massive stomach ache afterwards.

Which lasted all the way to Seattle and to Safeco Field, the Seattle Mariners’ stadium. It was some sort of cheapo promotion night, so tickets were just $10. Hurrah for Lisa, Heather, Andrew and I. Rightly $10 though, really; the game was between the American League West’s worst team (Seattle), and the American League East’s worst team, Toronto Blue Jays. It wasn’t a great game. The Blue Jays’ ace pitcher, Roy Halladay threw a shutout as the Blue Jays won 2-0. Only the second game on my trip where the home team has lost, but, with the amount of Blue Jays fans there, it didn’t really feel like an away win. That was kinda interesting, though, as I’ve not been to a game where so many away fans were present. Perhaps it’s something to do with Vancouver being so close; perhaps it was because there seems to be lots of Canadians in town anyway (something to do with it being a public holiday?).

Not much else to say about the game, really. The stadium seems pretty nice. The hot dog was one of the best I’ve had, actually. And, well, a little kid stared at my penis when I was urinating. I was stood next to the child-size urinal, and he came up and I could see him out of the corner of my eye staring at my lad. Took me right back, really, to the first time I remember seeing my father’s penis, and how big it looked compared to my pre-school tiddler.

This afternoon, before Lisa went back to Wenatchee, we had a fish day. We ate fish. We went to the aquarium. And then we drank coffee with a fishy girl on the logo. The restaurant called it Alaskan Cod tempura. It was fish and chips. The aquarium was pretty good. Lots of fish. Nice jellyfish. Cool octopus. Lovely sea otters. Thousands of bloody kids. Bah. The coffee was the same as ever, but this time made by a guy who looked like Rod Stewart. A fine fishy afternoon.

After Lisa and I had said our goodbyes, Heather, Andrew, and I ate some salad, went for a walk, skimmed stones into Puget Sound, and then ate some ice cream. Did you, Craig? How fucking interesting…

Boring blog entry, I know. I’m now wondering if I can be arsed to get out of bed, get dressed, and go and smoke outside. Hmmm, what to do..? Leave them with a cliffhanger, Craig. Leave them with a cliffhanger…

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July 1st, 2008 at 11:57 pm

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  1. Oooh… I feel a podcast coming up!!

    Have a great time in Seattle Craig!



    2 Jul 08 at 09:41

  2. boring, bah. that sounds like an amazing time.



    2 Jul 08 at 18:19

  3. Forgot to tell you that the Starbucks guys name was….Stewart!


    2 Jul 08 at 23:14

  4. Perfect!


    3 Jul 08 at 00:49

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