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Fun in Portland

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A quick one before I head off to Hippyfest or, as it is properly-named, the Oregon Country Fair. I may not come out alive. Or even worse, I may not come out un-garnished with hemp bangles woven into the shape of dolphins carouselling around my wrists; a driftwood yin yang key-fob; or one bit of plaited hair with a bead on the end dangling over my forehead.

It’s been a – there’s that word again – nice few days. Yesterday, I had a good old mooch around Portland. Checked out the Portland Art Museum, which was enjoyable. Especially the Contemporary NW Artists exhibit. And the Chinese Classic Garden thingy was nice too. Mainly, though, I walked around, people-watched, drank coffee, and enjoyed being in what seems like a fine little city.

I managed to sleep for a large chunk of Monday because I got quite drunk on Sunday night with some young folk: Rhonda, Matt, and Aubrey. Rhonda works at the same library that Barbara works at, and, after we were briefly introduced at the Fourth of July fireworks display, invited me along with her chums to go out in Portland to a club called Dante’s. Yeh, alright then. Thank you.

The night was called Sinferno, and, well, it was a lot of fun. When we arrived there was a dude fire-eating. Yawn. Later in the night, there was a lass fire-eating with no top on. Hurray! In between those two were plenty of barely-dressed go-go dancers; a barely-dressed hula-hooping lady; a skin-tight body-suited acrobat woman; and a woman wearing red socks, a Boston Red Sox cap, a Boston Red Sox jacket, with a Boston Red Sox shirt underneath, and a Boston Red Sox vest under that. Thankfully, she took them all off. Apart from the socks.

The night turned into morning, and one of the fellas had managed to get drunk and escorted out by a bouncer, so we left with him and found our way to a place that made food and coffee. On the way, though, we passed Mary’s Club, Portland’s oldest strip club.

Well, out of the kindness of my heart, I felt it was my duty as your loyal blogging traveller to go in and check it out for you. It was fairly basic inside, as far as my half-cut memory remembers. A couple of rows of seats around some round tables, and a small stage next to the bar, which, was surprisingly cheap. Two beers was just seven dollars. On the stage, a blonde lady danced around in a fishnet shirt. Then she took it off. Then she took her underpants off. Soon enough, another lady did the same sort of thing. She had larger boobs and could make them move individually, which was kind of impressive. She was dancing to AC/DC, too, which only made the experience better.

It was a fun night. Oh, and this bathroom scribble – in some bar that I forget the name of – made me giggle quite a lot.

If Hippyfest has wifi, then maybe I’ll blog from there; otherwise, I expect there’ll be an update early next week.

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July 9th, 2008 at 8:07 am

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  1. you wild man craig! :)
    i hope you at least come out of the fair with a henna tattoo of a dophin taken its undies off!


    9 Jul 08 at 18:57

  2. what about a ‘God shits’ tattoo?


    9 Jul 08 at 19:32

  3. even better!


    9 Jul 08 at 22:48

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