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Hot Dogs USA

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Click here to see larger version. The best one? That has to be the appropriately-named “Magnificent Dog” from Gold Coast Dogs in Chicago (second row, third from left).

Written by Craig

July 30th, 2008 at 1:14 pm

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  1. Interesting that you’ve tried both left and right-handed dogs

    Harry Lime

    30 Jul 08 at 21:16

  2. Sixth row, third from right looks like a nice sausage – more of a banger than a weiner. Where was that one?


    30 Jul 08 at 23:35

  3. ha! i recongnize the ones from wetsnatchee!


    30 Jul 08 at 23:46

  4. This would make a great book Craig!

    On a second note:
    I wonder how many visits you’re going to get from those comic book guys, posting about weeners, wet-snatch-ee and the comic-con event…

    Have a great time in Mexico City!


    31 Jul 08 at 00:26

  5. Which one is the tofu-dog?


    31 Jul 08 at 03:58

  6. Leave it to F3 to get to the meat of American “culture”. Baseball, The Terminator, hot dogs. . .the rest is commentary.


    31 Jul 08 at 05:17

  7. Thank y’all.

    Hotchy: That was in Oregon. Strictly speaking, it was a bratwurst.

    Kraig/Barbara: The tofu dog is last row, far left.


    31 Jul 08 at 06:35

  8. Yeah, sorry for being DOGmatic, but those aren’t all hot dogs …

    I always went for the Polish sausage when it was on offer.

    The Bulkeleys

    31 Jul 08 at 10:43

  9. Bulkeleys: I’ve noticed that you only leave comments when you are being picky.


    31 Jul 08 at 16:35

  10. …why is the one in the fifth row, second from the left all green?

    I agree that this COULD be a book, but FOR SURE it should be a poster sold at ballparks.

    It’s pretty cool.


    31 Jul 08 at 19:01

  11. That’s from the green neon lighting outside a hot dog shop in Milwaukee.


    31 Jul 08 at 19:04

  12. Personally, I prefer Coney Island hot dogs, Detroit style. They’re the best!


    5 Apr 10 at 08:55

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