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Sometimes, things rattle around in my head for so long that I wonder if I might have blogged about them before; or whether it’s something I’ve just scribbled down in a notebook and forgotten about; or if it’s something that I’ve just chatted about with a friend; or if it’s something that, somehow had managed to exist un-written-down or un-talked-about and un-blogged-about. So, if I’ve written about this before: sorry, but I just can’t be arsed to scroll through the archives to check.

Now, with that waffle-y introduction, you’d be forgiven for thinking that what I’m typing is going to be in some way interesting or profound. You’d be wrong. And who knows, I might even forget I’ve written this blog post and write about it again in the future. Joy.

It’s simply this: I wonder if there’s some psychological reason why I – and I assume others – like having the lid on a to-go paper cup of coffee. Here’s a picture by way of an example.

And what a perfect example it is, because I think that maybe the small opening in coffee cup lids may well remind us of being a baby, and drinking from those sippy cups, and thus stirring up some sort of warm fuzzy feeling inside. Or is it that we simply have a desire to, whenever possible, put a lid or top on top of a drink container? I mean, for most of my life I’ve got along fine with the concept of a cup or a mug. I’ve managed to spill a very small percentage of the open-topped liquid containers that have ever been gripped by my hands; yet, gimme a bottle of mineral water, and I will always put the top back on, even if I know I’m gonna take another sip fairly shortly. Is it just something to do with my hands that I do this? And I think it’s not just me. Lots of people do it.

Anyway, you better get used to this sort of blog post, cos once my trip is over – in less than three very very very short weeks – this kind of crap is what you’ll be reading regularly, I imagine. Once I’m through moaning about having the post-holiday blues, of course, which may well take up another month. Blah blah blah.. woe is me! My 29-week holiday is over! Boo hoo! Etc. Oh, and by the way: that Dutch Bros. coffee was shite. And on a scale of one to a million, how lame is the design of the cup!? Tulips and a windmill? You lazy motherfuckers…

Written by Craig

July 16th, 2008 at 9:05 am

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  1. All valid points about lids. Also, there is that whole, if coffee spills, it is likely to burn. Since most people using lids are taking their coffee on the go, it may simply be practical (and wise).

    And I like the design of the Dutch Bros. coffee cup. I know, la dee da.


    16 Jul 08 at 18:26

  2. I spilt hot tea over my feet, that cup didn’t have a lid…

    This dutch girl doesn’t like the cup either, but at least it doesn’t say Holland. (Holland is not the same as the Netherlands, folks).


    16 Jul 08 at 23:07

  3. Good, cause I’m really sick and tired of all this very interesting travel blog gunk.
    More blogs about lids!
    I hope you have short-term memory loss.


    17 Jul 08 at 00:53

  4. i know what you mean, Lisa; i can’t wait to get back to mundane life… [insert Krusty groan here]


    17 Jul 08 at 11:37

  5. that lid is especially boob-like.
    and it is “guaranteed to satisfy” apparently.
    i quite like the cup design too.


    17 Jul 08 at 11:41

  6. …the design is a little too “perky” for me, but the lid is good.


    17 Jul 08 at 18:21

  7. Like the posts Craig, and I must say I agree with you on the design. A bit too easy…

    (I would have done a Delft-tile pattern myself, but the Dutch brothers never asked me)

    Enjoy SF Craig!


    17 Jul 08 at 22:14

  8. I take it you didn’t get to have real coffee in Portland then…Stumptown. Best Coffee on the West Coast. What did you find to drink in the east? All they had when I was there was Bat Piss/Dunkin’ Donuts…
    I’ve been enjoying your blog this morning.


    8 Aug 08 at 22:28

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