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Oregon Country Fair photos

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I didn’t have time yesterday to sort out photos of the Oregon Country Fair. Looking at them again this morning when I was re-sizing them all made me a bit wistful about what a wonderful time I had in Oregon in general, and the Fair specifically. I’m not sure the pictures will do it justice because, for some reason, I didn’t get my camera out much, and when I did, I seem to have taken a bunch of average photographs. Oh well, here they are anyway; at least you’ll get some sort of idea. I know that I’m gonna sound like the hippy that I’ve spent my adult life mockingly sniggering at, but the energy there was pretty fantastic. Now, where did I put my mushrooms…

Let’s begin with some man hippies…

…and some lady hippies

Our little campsite in the woods

Liberty Coffee, for those of us who need a jolt of caffeine in the morning

People in hats

Some sort of parade

A man dressed as a red dog

A stone age Ray Mears making fire


Kick ass t-shirt

Setting sun

Another setting sun

Another setting sun with a man who’d been painted blue in the foreground

Hairy-backed guy climbing through a couple of close-together tree

Scary sun

Dancing hippies

A dusty path through the woods

Oooh, mingos!

The main stage

Saying goodbye to the Fair from the back of Walt and Jenny’s RV…

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July 16th, 2008 at 9:01 am

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  1. Fairs like the one you went to are soooo great! Everyone is part of the same family for a bit, really glad you got to experience it.
    Specially the group shower! ;)


    16 Jul 08 at 20:21

  2. what do hippies dance to?


    17 Jul 08 at 12:47

  3. …drumming, mostly.


    17 Jul 08 at 18:33

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