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Superheroes, etc.

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There’ll be plenty of porn websites unclicked-on this weekend: it’s Comic-Con International in San Diego! I’m not really a big comics fan. Like classical music, I kinda like the idea, but where the heck does one begin? My comic buying is pretty much restricted to Chris Ware and Daniel Clowes stuff. But when Ren – a lady who fairly regularly comments on this here blog, not him out of N.W.A. – offered me the use of a pass, my eyes popped out a bit, and I thought of all the potential for blog-worthy photos to be taken. Like a tit, though, I forgot to charge the battery, so didn’t get to take many pictures. I got a few though…

Written by Craig

July 27th, 2008 at 4:19 pm

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  1. nice photos.
    i think the sneeze is there too.
    say hi.



    28 Jul 08 at 01:58

  2. The first sentence and last photo REALLY make my day… This is gold Craig!!


    28 Jul 08 at 12:16

  3. Man, awesome.

    “I’m not really a big comics fan… I kinda like the idea, but where the heck does one begin?”

    I’m not sure, but I think ‘Watchmen’ by Alan Moore, and ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ by Frank Miller, are as good as any.


    28 Jul 08 at 12:43

  4. Yep start out with ‘Watchmen’ its really good.
    I love the photo of Snoopy and his very cute friend.


    28 Jul 08 at 19:32

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