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London Zoo

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London Zoo is the fourth zoo I’ve been to this year (after Buenos Aires, Itaipú, and San Diego).

It costs £17 to get in. The cheeky buggers put a little asterisk next to the big letters telling us the admission price. Scan down the sign a bit, and it tells you that it includes a “voluntary” donation to save some tigers or something, and that if we don’t want to make that £1.60 donation, we should say so and we’d only pay £15.40. Now, isn’t that a bit like blackmailing your conscience into donating? I don’t particularly mind giving them the donation, but, it’s just the way they do it that bugs me.

Aaaaaanyway, decent zoo. Not bad at all. not a patch on San Diego, but better than Buenos Aires and Itaipú. I did lose the top off my pen, though, and that kinda irks me. I hate losing pens. Especially if they are pens that I like. Blah blah.

Still, the Snowdon Aviary is still a lovely structure.

I had a hot dog and, like a fool, forgot to take a photograph. The cart was branded “Rollover™ – The best hot dog in the world.” Well, how could I not try it with a claim like that? I’m sad to say, readers, that it wasn’t the best hot dog in the world. Nowhere close. Taste is subjective, of course, but when one is claiming that something is the best, it should at least be in the upper eschalons (is that spelled right? (update: no, it’s “echelons.” Thanks Ian.)) of the hot dog universe. So, y’know, just a warning: Rollover™ – NOT the best hot dog in the world.

I’m feeling a bit grumpy today. London’s doing my head in. All the buy! buy! buy! everywhere. Cellphones, CDs, DVDs, books, games, buy every-fucking-thing. The TV adverts: buy now! save money! buy now! save money! All the crappy typefaces everywhere; those typefaces that think they are groovy, like provincial cafes use. The sort of cafes that until a few years ago probably had “expresso” and “frothy coffee” on their menus. And those fonts like the one that Sainsbury’s uses, a serif font dressed up as a sans-serif, like your Uncle Ralph trying to dress like he’s in the Strokes or something.

Moan moan moan…

Written by Craig

August 13th, 2008 at 12:04 pm

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  1. Humanist sans


    13 Aug 08 at 13:32

  2. Hooray! Grumpy Craig’s back!


    13 Aug 08 at 13:43

  3. Perhaps, to be accurate, it’d have to be: “Rollover – The best hot dog in the world™”


    13 Aug 08 at 14:44

  4. Echelons, I believe.
    I can see whay it’s doing your head in after everywhere you’ve been. Central London is like being force fed ITV with magnifying goggles on. Hideous.
    Good typeface rant too.
    Catch you soon hopefully.

    Ian Mac

    13 Aug 08 at 15:00

  5. …so…it’s quite in contrast to Toledo, where they can’t even buy things they need, and the only available font is someone’s terrible handwriting. I’m guessing that London, will not be your final destination.


    13 Aug 08 at 17:17

  6. That’s a very obedient guerilla, staying to his side of the line.


    14 Aug 08 at 09:30

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