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Allow me to be self-indulgent for a minute. A minute!? you say, So what’s the last nine years of web stuff been about, ego boy? At the arse-end of my trip, I wanted to do a little mix that features some of the most listen-to off my iPod. Here ’tis.

goinghomemix.mp3 (1h16m, 87.3MB, available for one week)

The songs: “Sunflower River Blues” John Fahey A song that I listened to on virtually every bus ride I took. In fact, it kinda became the theme tune of bus trips, listening to it as I did, at the start of most of them. “Star Guitar” The Chemical Brothers Perfect for bus rides. Especially when there was the rare few moments when the music syncs with what I saw out of the window, like a low-rent version of Michel Gondry’s video. “João Sabino” Not sure who the musicians are, but it’s from a site called santodaimehymns.com. Despite the post-Santo Daime calm no longer being around, I have listened to the music a lot. “São João” Gilberto Gil Loved this song from his 1974 album “Ao Vivo.” Again, it’s a song that reminds me of bus journeys, specifically, from Rio to São Paulo. “Soledad” Ástor Piazzolla I didn’t go and see any tango in Argentina, and after Marta introduced me to this, I kinda kicked myself. “Whenever I Call You ‘Friend'” Kenny Loggins feat. Stevie Nicks An old favourite that kept cropping up. “Born On The Bayou” Creedence Clearwater Revival There’s never a bad time for some Creedence. “Colorado Beetle” The Bluetones I didn’t have any Bluetones on my iPod and when this song popped into my head, well, I’ll be honest, I illegally downloaded it because my copy of the 12″ single that this was the b-side of is in a box in Lincoln. “Speed of Sound” Coldplay The song I’ve listened to most on my trip. “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” The Dream Academy No matter what things are going on, no matter what I’m looking at, this song always manages to make things seem a little melancholy. “Reckoner” Radiohead Best album I’ve heard in a long long time. “Saturday In The Park” Chicago Fucking magic. “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” Weezer Reminds me of Milwaukee and the bus journey to Minneapolis. “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?” She & Him Since downloading it from Stereogum, it’s been the go-to song to put a smile on my face. “See The Sky About To Rain” Neil Young Simply a stunningly beautiful song.

Hope you enjoy the mix.

Written by Craig

August 13th, 2008 at 12:02 pm

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  1. rosie bought me Please Please on 12″ for my birthday. it’s lovely and mint and i thought i’d never own it.
    the twelve is the only place to get the instrumental. the vocal version is rubbish, obv.
    the end.


    13 Aug 08 at 17:48

  2. Kreg, what is ‘go-to’? one simply doesn’t understand.


    14 Aug 08 at 13:33

  3. Oh blimey, I didn’t even notice I’d done that. Sorry, England.


    14 Aug 08 at 13:36

  4. What you should use is muxtape.com. A great site where you can host your own mixtape. Just a thought. And I jsut picked up Minipops!

    Jacob Russell

    14 Aug 08 at 16:04

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