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Mrs. Pratt

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I wish I could just do a clever university-style research paper about dumb things without all the effort and funding that would be needed; the kind of research paper that would lead to a discussion on BBC Radio 4, but about silly stuff. I was thinking the other day about the following question:

On average, do women with embarrassing maiden names (eg. Pratt, Willy, Dicks) get married earlier than women with “normal” surnames?

That question brings about follow-up questions:

Do women who would ordinarily be opposed to changing their surname do so more often if they have an embarrassing surname?

Do men with embarrassing surnames get married later than men with “normal” surnames?

Do women who would normally be inclined to take their husband’s surname decline to do so if the man in question has an embarrassing surname?

As you were.

UPDATE: Thanks to Barbara and Lisa who both emailed me this: http://famouslikeme.blogspot.com/2008/05/marriage-is-fun.html

Written by Craig

August 11th, 2008 at 5:20 pm

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  1. Perhaps I’m unusual as I am looking to marry a man with the last name of “Zucker” so that my hyphenated last name would be “Haycox-Zucker”.

    You just have to embrace it sometimes.

    Take care, Becky


    11 Aug 08 at 19:34

  2. My friend was a Green, and married a Pratt, deciding to take his surname, they are both Dr A Pratt

    em x


    11 Aug 08 at 20:51

  3. my friend’s teacher was called Mr. Brownsword. and they didn’t take the piss at all. which is a terrible waste.


    12 Aug 08 at 12:27

  4. My future husband’s name is Husbands :-) Not sure what i’m going to do about that yet….


    12 Aug 08 at 15:01

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