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Superfluous arranging of information

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More infographic stuff today; something that’s been lying around on my hard drive for nearly two years, in fact. Not sure why I never got around to putting it online, but that’s exactly what happened. So I took the opportunity to update it a little. Anyway, I’m needlessly over-explaining something that I’ve not introduced yet: a history of baseball’s National and American Leagues for the ever-unpopular Sport section of Flip Flop Flyin’. It’s entirely possible that there are a few errors here and there, as it seems fairly tough to find a consensus about certain teams’ histories. If you see anything that you think is wrong, please let me know.

Either click the image above for the full-size version, or if you’re feel too comfortable at this part of the page to move your cursor, click here.

Written by Craig

August 17th, 2008 at 11:02 am

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  1. That’s lovely. Shame the old names didn’t survive. I like the sound of the Trolley Dodgers and the Colt .45s. Or the Troy Trojans. They sound cool.


    17 Aug 08 at 14:14

  2. is this what you ment by “work”?


    17 Aug 08 at 19:00

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