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Two dozen of belts

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On Friday, I met up with fellow web-person Anne of I like and her friend Marc, and we visited the V&A; Museum of Childhood. Of course, there’s the worry when you meet another blogging person that they might do a post about how that Flip Flop Flying dude is a bit of a dick. She’s not done that yet, so I’ll get mine in first: Anne’s a dick. She’s not really, she’s lovely. She is Scottish, though, so I was a bit disappointed that she didn’t have ginger hair and some bagpipes.

The Museum of Childhood is a big cafe and shop with a bit of a museum around the edges, but what is there is very nice. There’s lots of old toys. It’s pretty sweet. We went, though, to see the exhibition of Olympic posters. What is immediately obvious is how the poster as an object has changed. What began as something to promote the events changed into something that was quite daring (especially the München 1972 stuff) and, in the more recent ones, seem to be just about re-enforcing the brand.

My favourite part of the whole exhibition, though, was in the area where blank postcards had been provided for children to draw their own Olympic posters. This one is quite magnificent.

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August 11th, 2008 at 12:31 pm

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  1. Ahh, I was on the phone to the bank when I read this and it made me laugh out loud. Will bring the bagpipes next time. Sending you virtual Tunnock’s Tea Cakes, Irn Bru and tottie scones for your toe.


    11 Aug 08 at 16:08

  2. Isn’t that your handwritting?


    11 Aug 08 at 19:41

  3. Ya cheeky bugger!
    My handwriting is more like the “Dover’s Meeting” poster.


    11 Aug 08 at 19:49

  4. You wish.
    Oh did I mention I’ll be going to Yankees game next month?
    rub,rub,rub-a-dub-dub. :]


    11 Aug 08 at 20:12

  5. I’m gonna cry…


    11 Aug 08 at 21:06

  6. no!
    there’s no crying in baseball!

    i’ll send ya a bobbley-bobblehead along with Michigan quarter.


    11 Aug 08 at 22:51

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