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Where’s that?

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When, on my travels, people have asked where I’m from, I tend to get a blank face staring back at me. Nobody knows where Lincoln is. Even a lot of British people.

This is how I’ve answered the blank faces:
About an hour and a half from London.
About an hour and a half north of London.
In the north.
In the east.
In the Midlands.
In the East Midlands.
Near Nottingham.
Near Sheffield.
Near Manchester (relatively speaking it is, I guess).
More-or-less on the same latitude as Liverpool.
About an hour from the east coast.
In the middle of nowhere.

Written by Craig

August 23rd, 2008 at 3:15 pm

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  1. Would you clarify this a bit?


    23 Aug 08 at 17:52

  2. I didn’t realise it was that far north. Would’ve guessed about Leicester latitude. Does explain how you sound quite northern at times, duck.


    23 Aug 08 at 19:00

  3. I meant to ask when I met you, would you consider yourself northern? I read somewhere that the border between northern and southern England is in Lincolnshire somewhere. It all seems pretty far south to me. You sound northern.


    24 Aug 08 at 21:01

  4. Yeh, I kinda think I’m northern, but Lincolnshire is a real grey area, I think.


    24 Aug 08 at 21:09

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