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Two years of sleep

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Today is the day that completes two full years of keeping track of my sleep: remembering what time I turned the light off, and what time I woke up.

Click image for full size version.

I’ve been doing it so long now, that I really cannot imagine choosing to stop. But, really, it’s not that I’ve chosen to keep doing it, I just do it. I hope there comes a point when I forget to do it, because otherwise, I’ll be doing this for twenty years. The different shades of red refer to different time zones, by the way.

Written by Craig

September 11th, 2008 at 9:44 am

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  1. Holy fuck.


    11 Sep 08 at 12:18

  2. So, I’m intrigued. Do you write this all this personal informatics stuff down in one big notebook or a spreadsheet or what? And how do you remember what time you fell asleep?


    11 Sep 08 at 23:57

  3. absolutely brilliant. and i am also curious as to how you did it?


    12 Sep 08 at 07:24

  4. I can usually remember what time I turned the light off , and I’ve got used to checking the time before I do that and as soon as I wake up. If I’m near my computer, I add it to the chart before I do anything else – like I’ve just done – and if not, I’ll jot it down in a notebook.


    12 Sep 08 at 09:42

  5. I notice that you don’t seem to favour a good nap?


    17 Sep 08 at 09:09

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