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Harold the plumb line

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This is my granduncle Harold (my grandfather’s sister’s husband). His job was making sure things were vertical. Have you ever seen someone so erect? (C’mon, stop sniggering; “erect” can refer to other things as well.)

Written by Craig

October 23rd, 2008 at 7:03 pm

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  1. He is very erect even though his feet are a wee bit squinty.

    Also your great uncle appears to be living in a Miss Marple novel.

    Also also, I have to type the word “mingnest” as word verification to make this comment appear. It’s not a real word but I think it should be.


    23 Oct 08 at 23:01

  2. He looks like a real stand-up guy.


    24 Oct 08 at 01:51

  3. I love the way the horizontal strips make him seem more vertical.


    24 Oct 08 at 07:09

  4. I wonder if that learner driver passed his/her test.


    24 Oct 08 at 11:39

  5. Simon- if this was daytime TV, he/she would have died in a crash


    24 Oct 08 at 16:01

  6. Does/did he have really tiny feet or are those massive flares? (or a combination of the two)

    What town is that? I want to live there, it looks amazing


    24 Oct 08 at 20:13

  7. He seems quite pleased with his erect nature.


    25 Oct 08 at 03:28

  8. Excellent picture. I love how the whole composition probably was an accident (your grandfather’s sister’s husband’s wife never having been able to get people in the middle of snapshots) but now adds to the force of the whole image.

    His feet being so small probably forced him to become s erect. A little swaying and down he tumbles.


    27 Oct 08 at 06:51

  9. Is it me, or is he wearing slippers? Ahhh, the good old days.


    27 Oct 08 at 13:56

  10. It must be a generational thing, this is how my Dad poses in all photos. In the olden days they were taught to stand properly it seems.


    27 Oct 08 at 14:03

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