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I drew this last night, lying in bed, watching the Phillies beat the Dodgers. I didn’t have my mouse, and drawing with a laptop’s trackpad can be a pain in the arse, so I tried to draw a picture with easily-done elipses. It was fun to do. I added the painterly bits this morning.

After doing it, I kept thinking that there’s a professional artist/illustrator who does portraits solely using circles. No idea what his/her name is, though. Anyone know who I’m talking about?

You know when you get an image in your head, and much as you try, you can’t get rid of it? For some reason, I had the thought of John McCain dressing his penis in a doll-sized shirt and tie, sat on the toilet, holding his cock, and pretending to interview himself. Maybe he calls it “my friend.” Maybe his cock says, in this interview, that he’s a maverick because he pisses in the sink. I already had the image of John McCain’s cock being all jowly like his face, and this just makes it worse. I have no idea why I spend so much time thinking about John McCain’s cock.

Anyway, here’s an animated reconstruction of the process.

Written by Craig

October 14th, 2008 at 3:57 pm

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  1. you’re weird.


    14 Oct 08 at 16:53

  2. maybe because John McCain is a cock!


    14 Oct 08 at 16:54

  3. eszpee

    14 Oct 08 at 17:14

  4. Not Bob Staake, no.

    Whoever I’m thinking about did stuff that was just circles, no elipses. Lots of them overlaid to make the image. Not very much info to go on, I know…


    14 Oct 08 at 17:24

  5. Very nice (the image, not McCain’s cock). I have been wondering what technique you are using for your “painterly bits” in PhotoShop. Care to share?

    dana constance

    14 Oct 08 at 19:11

  6. Your infatuation is simply an extension of your obsession with baseball (what with all the talk of bats and balls) coupled with sleep deprivation.


    15 Oct 08 at 05:58

  7. Kraig, you’re probably right…


    15 Oct 08 at 06:19

  8. I don’t suppose it was Chuck Close? He did some crazy, fragmented elipse portraits besides his photo-realistic stuff…


    17 Oct 08 at 04:46

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